A journey through the life of Adriatic

During the summer season, our ships make more than 600 departures a day, and the most frequent lines are maintained continuously 24 hours a day. Through modernization and constant investment in the fleet, we ensure competitiveness and successful adaptation to all modern requirements of our passengers.

  • more than 12 million passengers per year
  • 3,5 million vehicles per year
  • 39 ferries on local trips
  • 12 are high-speed passenger ships
  • 4 classic passenger ships
  • 2 ferries for international lines

Ferries of local lines

Ferries on local lines connect the islands with the mainland every day, making life easier for the islanders, and at the same time they reveal the beauty of our islands to new visitors. They are ideal if you are going on vacation by car or perhaps by bicycle, and there are currently 12 lines with the possibility of booking a ticket for the desired departure.

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Jadrolinija's catamarans are intended for everyone who wants to reach their destination quickly or visit several locations in a shorter time. They are ideal if you are traveling without a car and are equipped with modern and comfortable seats and a coffee bar.

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Passenger ships

Passenger ships are the legends of our fleet. While one ship has a fan group on Facebook, the other is said to be not just a ship but a miracle. If you are traveling without a car and want to experience the "Adriatic as it once was", Lara, Postira, Premuda and Unije are the right choice.

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Ferries for international lines

Foreign tourists who rely on Jadrolinija on their way to a perfect vacation use four international lines that connect Croatia with Italy and Montenegro with Italy. "Vacation begins on board", and our ferries on international lines are a real proof of that.

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