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Questions & Answers - local lines

  1. What is the difference between ferry, ship and high-speed service lines?

    The transport of vehicles is possible on ferry service lines only, while ship and high-speed service lines are for foot passengers only.

  2. I bought an electronic ticket. Shall I print it out?

    There is no need of printing the ticket out. You can just show it on your mobile device, but make sure you prepare it before boarding.

  3. What do I need when buying tickets for a vehicle?

     Prepare your vehicle registration certificate, whether buying the ticket electronically or at the agency, as entering of certain data is mandatory.

  4. Is it possible to make reservations on local service lines?

    Reservations for foot passengers are possible on all the ship and high-speed service lines, whilst the reservation for vehicles is possible on the following ferry lines:

    602 Split – Vis
    604 Split – Vela Luka (Korčula) – Ubli (Lastovo)
    606 Trogir (Soline) – Drvenik Veli – Drvenik Mali
    635 Split - Stari Grad
    636 Split - Rogač
    638 Makarska - Sumartin
    401 Zadar (Gaženica) - Ist - Olib - Silba - Premuda - Mali Lošinj
    433 Zadar (Gaženica) - Rivanj - Sestrunj - Zverinac - Molat - Ist
    434 Zadar (Gaženica) - Brbinj(Dugi otok)
    435 Zadar (Gaženica) - Bršanj (Iž) - Rava - Mala Rava
    532 Šibenik - Zlarin -Obonjan - Kaprije - Žirje
    338 Valbiska (Krk) - Lopar (Rab)

    We recommend you buy the ticket in advance in order to ensure your departureat the desired time and to be at the port at least 45 minutes prior departure.

    Arriving at the port, the port staff will ensure you a smooth boarding in accordance with the ticket or reservation.

    For service lines where  reservations are not possible, boarding is based on arrival order and your ticket is valid only for one voyage of the selected line until the departure date indicated on the ticket. On these line we don't guarantee boarding at a desired departure time. Therefore, we recommend you to be at the port up to 1-2 hours prior the desired departure time (for certain service lines in the high peak season period even earlier). Make sure to inform yourself regularly.

  5. Where can I get information about lines (prices, schedules, regulations)?

    You cancheck our schedules, prices and additional information online at We can guarantee only for the information published on our website.

    The websitecan be used for searching your best travel options and prices. Feel free to do so as you will be charged only after you enter your payment details.

  6. How can I book my ticket?

    Tickets can be booked via our online purchase system or the mJadrolinija app.

  7. Can I replace my travel ticket?

    No changes on local line tickets are possible.
    We can only cancel them and do a refund to your credit card you minus 10%  cancellation fee.  You can send your refund request with the tickets attached at

    A  refund can be requested only for a valid transport ticket directly at the Jadrolinija agencies.

    In case you wish to travel on service lines with no reservation required before the date of travel indicated, no changes are necessary - your ticket is going to be valid until that date indicated on the ticket.

  8. I will be traveling by a rental vehicle, but still do not have the license plate number and Iwant to buy the ticket.

    In that case, just enter the word RENTAL in the license plate field.

  9. I changed my vehicle or license plate number. Shall I replace my ticket?

    There is no need for changing the vehicle details and license plate number on local service lines, as far as the vehicle category and price correspond to the previously entered one.

    If traveling on service lines with no reservation required with a larger vehicle then previously indicated, a surcharge must be paid directly at the embarkation port. On service lines with reservation the ticket replacement with surcharge is possible only if there is enough free capacity on board. Therefore, in high peak season period we do recommend the ticket cancellation according our General Terms and purchasing of a new one.

  10. How do I cancel my ticket?

    The ticket can be canceled only within the validity period, that is until the departure date and time indicated on tickets for service lines with reservation. On the service lines with no reservation the ticket can be cacled until the last departure time, within the validity period, that is until the departure date indicated on tickets.

    The ticket cancellation is possible directly at the Jadrolinija agencies or by sending a cancellation request at

    Check our General Terms.

  11. Is it possible to board a bicycle on a high-speed boat ?

    Bicycles are not allowed on high-speed boats.

  12. Shall I pay for a bicycle if carried on the rooftop or on a hatchback of the vehicle ?

    For bicycles carried on a rooftop, there is no extra charge. Anyway, be so kind to report the additional height while purchasing the ticket due to space availability. For bicycles carried on a hatchback, a max length (vehicle + hatchback) must be reported. In case the total length does exceed 5 m, a ticket for a personal vehicle over 5 m length should be bought.

    No boarding is guaranteed for incorrectly declared vehicles.

  13. I'm carrying a load on the roof of my car, do I pay an additional fee for it?

    If the legth of the load does not exceede the legth of the vehicle, no additional fee is required. If the length of the load exceedes the lenght of the vehicle, the price for every exceeded meter is the same as the price per tonne.


  14. Purchase failed – my funds were withdrawn from the credit card, but did receive no tickets.

    Unfortunately, your transaction failed. There was a pre-authorization which will be cancelled, as soon as possible. 

    Please, try again. If you still have a problem, change your browsers, credit card, or try with another device.

    If your purchase is still unsuccessful, you will, unfortunately, need to purchase the tickets directly at our points of sale:

  15. I did not receive any refund to my credit card although it has been approved.

    Please, be patient as we receive hundreds of refund requests on daily basis.

    Do not worry,  your refund request has been approved and it will be processed as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

  16. I want to make a complaint.

    Please, be so kind to send your complaint in writing at

  17. What are my rights as a passenger ?

    You can check the Regulation (EU) No 1177/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 November 2010 concerning the rights of passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterway and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 Text with EEA relevance here.

  18. I registered my islanders' card on the website/ mobile application, but I received a new islanders' card and I cannot use it. 

    The old islanders' card needs to be deleted and the new one re-registered on your profile.

  19. I'm the owner of an islander travel card/student ID card. What are my rights?

    By owning an islander travel card or student ID card you exercise the right to a preferential transport according to the Transport in a Liner and Occasional Coastal Maritime Law. You exercise your right by presenting a valid islander travel or student ID cards while boarding.

    If you are entitled to a free transport, the ticket will be issued directly on board by reading your islander travel card. Only in case of technical problems with the card readers on board, you will be issued a free ticket at the Jadrolinija agency.

    In the event of a damaged islander travel card, you are obliged to contact the Coastal Liner Services Agency and obtain a new one. 

  20. Is the islander travel card transferable to another person?

    A travel ticket issued on an islander travel card for passengers, vehicles and vignettes, as well as, student ID card basis, can only be used by the owner of the same.

    In case of established misuse of the islander travel card for passengers, vehicles and vignettes or student ID card, the same will be deactivated by a decision of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure for a period of 6 months and permanently in case of a repeated misuse. 

  21.  Is it possible to buy the ticket on board?

    In case the agency is closed, you can exceptionally buy your ticket on board.

    However, we recommend you buy tickets via mJadrolinija app or at

  22. Are pets allowed on board?

    Dogs, cats, birds and other small animals are allowed on board, but should not pose a risk or cause a disturbance to other passengers or the ship.

    The owners or companions of these animals shall assume the risks associated with the travelling of their pets and take care of these pets themselves (provide them with food and drink, maintain their hygiene and make sure their other needs are met), and they shall be held liable for all damage that may be caused to the passengers, the crew, or the ship. Dogs on the ship have to wear a muzzle (with the exception of assistance dogs) and be kept on a leash.

    Small pets may be transported in lounges on fast routes, specifically in transport bags for pets of the maximum dimensions of 45 x 35 x 25 cm and a waterproof bottom. The total weight of such bags, including the pet, should not exceed 8 kg. The bag shall be kept under the seat or on the lap, and the number of bags shall be limited to one per passenger. The transport of small pets is free of charge.

    The transport of all other pet categories on high-speed boats is prohibited. The transport of pets on ferry service lines is free of charge. Pets are not allowed to enter the indoor spaces for passengers and should stayon the deck.

    In the event of a passenger complaint concerning the behaviour of an animal transported in a catamaran lounge, the ship’s captain shall have the right to order the owner to disembark with his/her animal at the next port, without a right to refund of the transport fare and fees.

  23. Is a child allowed to travel unaccompanied ?

    A child under age of 12 is not allowed to travel unaccompanied on local service lines. You can buy the ticket for the child only when buying an adult one.

  24. I lost my ticket. Can I have a duplicate?

    In case of a lost ticket, the passenger is not entitled to any compensation, nor can get a duplicate of the ticket.

  25. Is there are a discount for group travel?
  26. For group travel on local line services, only discounts provided by the Act on Privileges in Domestic Passenger Transport for group travel of pupils and students can be used.





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