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 General Terms of Service - local lines 

Free carriage

The following persons are entitled to free carriage: children under 3 years of age, bus drivers, bus passengers, drivers of trucks up to 10 tonnes, and all persons and vehicles pursuant to the Ordinance on the conditions and means of attaining the right to privileged carriage on public shipping lines.

Hand luggage to a weight of 20 kg is carried free of charge (with the exception of canisters containing liquid fuel).


Children under 3 years of age are entitled to free carriage. On fast lines, a child under 1 year of age shares the parent’s seat, while a child from 1 to 3 years of age is issued a separate ticket for a reserved seat.

Children from 3 to 12 years of age receive a 50% discount on the per person rate on ferry and ship lines, while on fast lines, they pay the full price.

Issuance of tickets for the carriage of vehicles

The ticket for the carriage of a vehicle is issued upon review of the transport permit listing the properties of the vehicle (type of vehicle, weight, etc.). Tickets are issued at the price for the type of vehicle as listed in the transport permit.

Carriage of personal vehicles

A personal vehicle is considered to be a motor vehicle containing, in addition to the driver's seat, a maximum of eight seats (i.e. maximum of nine seats total). The price for the transport of a personal vehicle to 5.00 m in length is charged at the price for a personal vehicle length to 5.00 m and height to 2.00 m. The price for carriage of a personal vehicle over 5.00 m in length is charged for a personal vehicle with length to 5.00 m and height over 2.00 m (2.01 m and above), and for a personal vehicle over 5.00 m in length (from 5.01 m and longer).

Length of the personal vehicle

The length of the personal vehicle is considered the total length of the vehicle together with any cargo it is carrying behind the vehicle (e.g. bicycles, etc.). At the time of ticket purchase, the passenger is obliged to report the total length of the vehicle. On the contrary, it shall be deemed that the passenger does not have a valid ticket, and boarding of the vehicle will not be permitted until the passenger obtains a valid ticket.

The height of the personal vehicle is considered only the height entered in the transport permit, while any objects carried on the roof of the personal vehicle do not affect the price.

Carriage of light trailers

A light trailer is a trailer towed by the vehicle and has a maximum permitted weight of 750 kg (mass of trailer together with its carrying load). The carriage of a light trailer from 3.01 m to 5.00 m in length is charged at the rate for a personal vehicle up to 5.00 m in length. The carriage of a light trailer over 5.00 m in length (5.01 m and longer) is charged at the rate of a personal vehicle over 5.00 m in length.

Carriage of kayaks and pedal boats

The carriage of kayaks is charged at the rate of a bicycle, while pedal boats are charged at the rate of a light trailer. At the time of issuing the ticket, the options of special services apply, with the type of service listed in the remarks.

Carriage of trailers

The carriage of trailers implies the carriage of boat trailers, mobile homes, etc. The valid rate for trailers also applies to motor home type vehicles.

Carriage of buses

A bus is considered a motor vehicle which, in addition to the driver's seat, has more than eight seats (i.e. a total of ten or more seats).

Carriage of vans

The rate of carriage for vans is divided into two categories: vans with up to 5 seats and vans with more than 5 seats.

Carriage of cargo vehicles ("trucks")

For the carriage of cargo vehicles up to 3 tonnes weight load, the rate for 3 tonne trucks is charged. For the carriage of cargo vehicles from 3.001 to 4 tonnes load, the rate for 4 tonne trucks is charged. For the carriage of cargo vehicles from 4.001 to 5 tonnes load, the rate for 5 tonne trucks is charged. For the carriage of cargo vehicles from 5.001 to 6 tonnes load, the rate for 6 tonne trucks is charged. The same manner of rounding up tonnage and the rate for cargo vehicles of higher tonnage applies. For the carriage of cargo vehicles loaded with cargo exceeding the vehicle's dimensions, for each meter extending outside the truck (trailer), the rate for one tonne shall apply.

The carriage of truck (classic, cargo) trailers towed by a cargo vehicle (truck) is charged per tonne load as for cargo vehicles. At the time of issue of the ticket for the cargo vehicle, a free ticket is also issued for the driver, and for the accompanying person in the case of a cargo vehicle exceeding 10 tonne load.

Carriage of semi-trailers and tractor trailers

The carriage of semi-trailers towed by a truck (tractor trailer) is charged per tonne of weight load of the semi-trailer and of the truck, in which the carriage of the truck is not charged separately (additionally). In the case the truck and semi-trailer have different places of registration (one on island, one on mainland), the rate is charged based on the registration of the semi-trailer. The carriage of the tractor truck alone (without semi-trailer) is charged by tonne of weight load of the truck as for cargo vehicles.

"Special vehicles" and vehicles not listed in the price list

"Special vehicles" or cargo vehicles whose categorisation bears the codes O3, O4, vehicles for the transport of furnishings, swan neck trailers and vehicles not included in the price list are charge by the total permitted weight, and if their width exceeds 2.65 m, at a 50% surcharge, or are carried at a specially contracted price.

Extraordinary carriage

Extraordinary carriage, i.e. carriage outside the regular sailing schedule for the carriage of emergency vehicles, is charged at a special rate, while for other commercial carriage, the price is contracted separately.

Vehicles with hazardous cargo

Vehicles with hazardous cargo are carried exclusively as extraordinary carriage.


As a rule, cargo may not be loaded onto the ferry on the drive deck (except in limited quantities on lines for undeveloped islands). The loading of cargo in areas intended for passengers is prohibited, and the carriage of all cargo is prohibited on fast lines.


Baggage up to 100 kg in weight may be carried at the price for baggage carriage. Baggage over 100 kg is carried on the baggage rack with the application of the price for the carriage of goods. On fast lines, hand baggage to a maximum of 20 kg per person is permitted free of charge.


Pets may be carried only if they do not pose a threat or disturbance for passengers or the ship, and may not be taken into closed passenger areas. Owners take responsibility for all travel risks and for any damages. Dogs must wear a muzzle (with the exception of guide dogs) and be on a leash, cats in travel boxes and birds in cages. Dogs and cats must have up-to-date vaccination records.
On high speed lines, small pets are allowed in the catamaran salon. Small pets must be transported exclusively in a carrying bag designed for the transport of pets (transporter soft bag) of maximum dimensions 45 x 35 x 25 cm. The bottom of the bag must be watertight. The total weight of the bag with a pet should not exceed 8 kg. The bag must be kept under the seat or in the pasengers lap during the entire journey. One passenger can only carry one bag with a pet. Large pets are only allowed if the technical conditions on board are met (special boxes).


Discounts are not cumulative.

Travel ticket and passenger insurance

With the purchase of the travel ticket, the passenger obtains proof of the existence of and content of the carriage contract, and during carriage, passengers and their baggage are insured pursuant to the provisions of the Insurance Contract concluded between the Company and an insurance company.

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